Why content is king.

Why content is king.

Why content is king. 1400 934 jon_92wm8e0n

Regular publishing of great content on your website can have major benefits for your business.

When delivered in the right way, online content will do more than increase your Google ranking – it can position your brand as market experts, build consumer trust and provide you with an arsenal of articles to shout about on social media, driving traffic to your website.

How does content help with SEO?

When you search on Google you are presented with a set of results that match your query – those web pages which match your search best are listed first.

Google’s primary job is to provide its users with quality search results. Web pages that are built well with high quality back links and mobile friendly design are favoured by Google but a key factor in search result rankings is relevance.

Google is very good at its job thanks to extremely sophisticated algorithms, or, as we like to call them, Google Bots that scour content to determine how relevant and therefore useful a page will be to someone’s search.

By understanding how your customers search, you can curate relevant content with the right choice of keywords and you are much more likely to gain a better page rank on Google.

Lots of good content not only increases your website relevance it says to Google Bots that you are a regularly updated resource, with lots of great information to share. This is another tick in your favour when it comes to your page rank.

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We’re experts you know!

Content is a great way to show off your businesses expertise – adding credibility and building brand trust. Content can demonstrate how well you know your product or market and articles are a great way to talk about value added services.

What is ‘good’ content?

You may have noticed the use of various adjectives before the word content in this article, namely ‘good’, ‘great’ or ‘useful’. This is because any old content is pointless. In fact content that isn’t carefully considered can even be damaging if it voices the wrong message.

Your content should add value to or complement your product or service. It needs to be accurate and factually correct – the internet is rife with ‘pointer outers’ and the last thing you want is to be proved wrong in your comments section. Consider how shareable it is – would you share it? Is it useful? Why would anyone else share it?

Be original! Don’t duplicate content, either across your site or by copying from another (even if you have permission, and especially not if you don’t!) It might save time but Google will land you with a penalty that will see you lose any page rank you have gained.

There is a knack to writing good, engaging content and understanding your audience is key to this. Push any old content out there and you could risk wasting time writing with little reward.