Why we love Magento.

Making eCommerce work with Magento.

Making eCommerce work with Magento. 1400 933 jon_92wm8e0n
InsideOut & Magento – An E-Commerce Match Made in Heaven!
At InsideOut we don’t have to rely on a bespoke e-commerce platform to secure our clients, instead we have a loyal client base due to our exceptional quality of work, commitment and customer service.

We could have developed our own e-commerce platform that tied our clients to us but we decided not to reinvent the wheel and look to Magento. Instead of having a resource limited team of developers creating a platform specific to one agency we chose Magento: an open source platform that has been developed by thousands of people across the globe all continually contributing to its improvement and staggering flexibility.

Magento is now one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available. It is tried and tested for success and some the biggest brands including, Samsung, Nestle and Nike use Magento as do millions of small and medium sized businesses across the globe.

Here are just some of the reasons why we love Magento…

Magento is open source

Open source: ‘denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified’ – Google

We’re big fans of open source software at InsideOut, not only is the base platform free but a community of developers modify the code to create ‘extensions’ that allow us to boost Magento with a myriad of new features and functionality.

The other benefits of open source software is that the developer community around the world are working on it on a daily basis, ensuring the e commerce platform is up to date, secure & fast.

Designed for e-commerce

Magento was specifically created with e commerce in mind and it really shows. The technical and logistical aspects of an e commerce website are completely taken care of with Magento; it come’s preloaded with tons of excellent features which we configure to perfectly suit your business needs.

Incredibly scalable

As your business grows, so can the functionality of your website.  Whether you are a small e commerce company or a giant PLC Magento is suitable for any business size.

Flexible to your business needs

The Magento community are continually creating extensions which allow you to add extra features and functionality to your website in an extremely cost effective manner.

InsideOut can create bespoke extensions so in theory there is nothing Magento couldn’t do!

Seamless integrations

Magento provides easy integration with a huge range of third party services including payment gateways, shipping carriers and trackers, email marketing solutions, accounting software and much more. This kind of integration has huge benefits providing automated communication between systems saving time and money for any business.

SEO friendly

Magento pleases search engines and that pleases us! Just like WordPress (link to WordPress blog) it is built to be search engine friendly and will help you climb up those page ranks.

Bespoke Designs

The Magento platform provides us with a blank canvas to build stunning, bespoke e commerce websites that not only look fantastic but function perfectly too.

Our knowledge of Magento combined with our design expertise means we create beautiful, feature rich e commerce websites that can adapt and develop as your company does.

By Leah Marley

InsideOut Creative is a Creative and Marketing Agency with extensive experience in branding, marketing and the creation of bespoke Magento E-commerce websites across a range of industries. Find out more about our work here.