Full service email marketing Vs. bulk email spam.

Full service email marketing Vs. bulk email spam.

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… is this you? You wouldn’t be alone. It amazes me that so many companies still email market from their inbox, when there are so many great full service email marketing solutions out there. This really isn’t a great way to broadcast core sales messages about your company. Spending time composing the best marketing messages into the body, and copy and pasting your hard earned subscriber list into the email addressee box – to ultimately address the email to yourself?! Crazy! But to many, this still sounds like an acceptable way to promote their company…

I’m afraid it is not. Let me tell you 3 really good reasons why you shouldn’t email market from your inbox and you should choose an opt-in email marketing service.

1. You’ll have no simple solution to maintain your recipients preferences/subscriptions. ‘Reply with unsubscribe’ doesn’t really inspire confidence in your communication, or your brand let alone make you look like you’re complying with legislation in terms of managing who opted in to your communications. 9 times out of 10, having no simple solution to unsubscribe will result in the user opting to mark your email as spam, rather than unsubscribe.

2. It’s all about good looks. By sending an email stuffed with images, or even at the most sophisticated level, a html file, there is no way to test or preview how your finished email will look when it arrives in a recipients inbox. With so many devices being used by your audience to read their emails, this stage is critical to ensure a professional finish. What may look fantastic in your draft email – may look completely different when rendered on a smartphone or tablet…

iPhone screenshot of a poorly built email

3. Blacklisting – this can be the death of any email marketing campaign. Being blacklisted means your email campaigns will head straight for the junk folder, along with all of your other correspondence.

At InsideOut we provide a full service email marketing solution. Imagine if…

1. you could provide your subscriber list with the option to allow them to update their own preferences/subscription in one easy click – keep them in control.

2. you had a testing facility, including browser testing and subject line testing to ensure a maximum performance rate on your campaign.

3. you knew how people were reading your emails, which device your email was viewed on, which links were clicked on and by who giving you full consumer insight.

4. if your email inbox was safe from blacklisting and your emarketing emails were always whitelisted?! No blacklisting – just whitelisting… your emails are always be deemed acceptable.

MailOut is a great system that does all of this and so much more…

Our full service email marketing solution allows you to control and inspect every aspect of an email campaign, so you are able to see the ins-and-outs of your campaign, get to know your audience better and build that ultimate, long-lasting relationship with them.

What’s more, our full service email marketing solution ensures that you get the most out of your email marketing. We’re on hand to advise, support, design and programme your emails in one nifty affordable solution.