Why we love Google AdWords.

Why Adwords should be part of your acquisition strategy?

Why Adwords should be part of your acquisition strategy? 1400 934 jon_92wm8e0n
AdWords is a great tool to add to your marketing mix – it’s completely measurable and an extremely cost effective way to massively increase your brands reach.

If you’re not familiar with AdWords, it’s simply a pay-per-click service that allows businesses to create and run ads on Google. Long gone are the days of the Yellow Pages – if your business isn’t appearing in Google search results then you are missing out on a huge audience of potential customers.

Here are the five main reasons why we believe any business should use Google AdWords:

1. Reach the audience you want as and when they search for what you offer

With targeted keywords you can reach people at the precise moment they are searching for your brand, product or service.  If the right keywords and campaign settings are used AdWords can be a very precise and cost effective method of generating online leads and sales.

AdWords can be very specific which not only helps with conversions but helps to keep costs to a minimum. Ad settings allow for the narrowing of your audience based on location, time, and language and even by device.

2. AdWords is completely measurable

One of the big advantages of online marketing over traditional marketing channels is that it is much easier to measure its performance.

AdWords in particular is probably one of the most transparent marketing platforms available allowing us to quickly assess what is working and what is not thanks to its range of PPC reporting metrics.

3. Faster than SEO

Although SEO is incredibly important for any website, if you have a new site then Google AdWords is a great way to reach the top of the search results fast.

Not only will this bring traffic to your site immediately, along with potential leads and sales, but because of its speed, AdWords can be used to determine how effective keywords are and this insight can be used to create highly effective SEO campaigns.

4. Continual development offers new advertising opportunities

Google are always looking to provide new ways for businesses to advertise across its range of online products including You Tube and Google Shopping.

As paid search is the internet giant’s main revenue stream, it is continually developing it, making improvements to the AdWords platform and introducing new ways for businesses to reach customers online.

Advertising on YouTube is not to be sniffed at. YouTube has over 1 billion unique users that visit the video streaming website each month (You Tube 2014). If you were to compare that to search engines it would rank 2nd, above both Bing and Yahoo (Forbes 2014).

5. Control your budget

With AdWords you can take control of the budget by setting a maximum cost per day for your campaign. By setting a maximum cost per day you don’t have the worry of your campaign going over budget. You also have the flexibility to increase or decrease your campaign budget to suit your other marketing activities for instance to highlight a special offer you may want to increase your budget for a short period to ensure maximum exposure.

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By Leah Marley

InsideOut Creative is a Creative and Marketing Agency delivering an effective array of pay-per-click services to a variety of industries, from beauty and cosmetics to third sector and beyond!