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A topic that we’ve been obsessing over, is how email campaigns are performing on various devices and when it’s the right time to target subscribers based purely on the device that they’re viewing your email campaign on… that’s where responsive email design comes in.

We’ve opened a number of emails lately on our devices lately, that just haven’t cut it; unreadable text, colossal images and an overload of information, making it less than enjoyable to read emails – in fact, just irritating.

Your user may be long overdue a trip to the opticians but having to pinch, zoom and scroll for miles just to read an email isn’t ideal. But this bad experience – is always down to the non-responsive email design that I am trying to engage with. I just can’t make head or tail of them on my smartphone – annoying.

This is why responsive email design is essential

Responsive email design is built using a clever piece of code, which detects the screen size that the email is being viewed on and then changes the layout accordingly, to fit effortlessly. Meaning your email campaigns work and look great regardless of what device they are being viewed on.

Here’s an example of a responsive email layout that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. The mobile version displays a much more simplified layout and readable content to accommodate the smaller screen size, while the desktop version has much more space available, therefore can include more content such as: navigation menu, image banner and a two column layout.

Responsive Email Design - Desktop & Mobile

You need to accommodate your subscribers

Keeping up to date with your subscribers’ email habits I believe is one of the most important aspects of email marketing – it’s a pre-requisite for success.

If you’re sending out monthly communications and you’ve noticed that more than half of your subscribers are viewing your emails on iPhones but your emails have been designed for desktop, then you could stand to lose out. A bad experience could cause your subscribers not to respond, engage with the brand or worse, unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Give your subscribers a great experience..

When working with our clients who employ our full service email marketing solution, we get to grips with their subscribers; their behavior, likes, dislikes and we provide a solution that matches both what their client needs, but also ensures that our clients objectives are met. Whether this is sales or enquiries, our email marketing solution allows you to control and see every aspect of an email campaign, so you get to know your audience better and build that fundamental, long-lasting relationship with them and ultimately better conversion rates on your objectives.

At InsideOut Creative we ensure that you get the most out of your email marketing. We’re on hand to advise, support, design and programme your emails in one nifty affordable solution and what’s more, you’ll get a lot of great advice along the way.