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The Air Ambulance Direct Mail Campaign 2
Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Northamptonshire (DLRAA) Fundraising Leaflet
The Air Ambulance Direct Mail Campaign

Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance and Warwickshire & Northampton Air Ambulance attend, on average, four missions every single day, from road traffic collisions to house fires; fallen horse riders to industrial accidents. The Air Ambulance regularly attends any incident that is life-threatening, where access by land is limited, or where the patient’s quality of life would be affected by undue delay. Equipped with the fastest and most technologically advanced civilian helicopter means they can take a trained medical team to the scene of any incident within minutes, giving patients the best possible chance of recovery.

Supporting the Air Ambulance since 2009, our role is to not only to provide an array of creative services, but primarily to look beyond the brief and beyond marketing and design disciplines to fully understand their supporters and donor base.

In 2010 The Air Ambulance recognised the need to re-engage with their supporter base, and so a reactivation and recruitment campaign was deemed an essential part of this objective. We believed that there truly was no one better to describe the impact this lifesaving service has on families than a previous patient. On this occasion we utilised the extraordinary story of Steve Nixon who without the service simply would not be alive today. The impact of this case was emphasised by a letter that his son Owen had written to the service thanking them for saving his daddy’s life, meaning that he would there for Christmas. The campaign provided a strong ROI and re-engaged the donor base successfully.

Since then we have assisted the Air Ambulance in development of a core communications strategy for donor retention and engagement, designed, developed and broadcast numerous direct mail campaigns, from ‘Crew Kit Appeals’ to ‘Keeping Safe this Winter’, and developed a recognised and much loved supporter newsletter.

Despite our concentration on charity direct mail, our engagement with the Air Ambulance has been a varied one. We have designed an Award winning retail space for their charity shops, successfully branded their coffee shops ‘The Landing Pad’, created numerous brands and literature for fundraising events, both corporate and community; not to mention the many hours of strategising and a dedicated team effort at their 5K Heroes Run event.

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