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Operating worldwide, The GNT Group develops and processes food ingredients made from edible fruits and vegetables.

Although GNT had developed a key icon for their advertising to generate recall and recognition within their adverts it was now becoming tired and we suspected overly repetitive. Early in 2010 we were engaged to review the core advertisement strategy and the creative output. A challenge we relished.

After time spent understanding the company, the ethos and their products and services GNT’s brief was “what would you do?”

Not ignoring that current icon needed to be included, it’s story and prominence within the market was both credible and recognised, we included this in the creative as a signature. The chosen solution was clean and features appetising food and beverages clearly demonstrating the ability of GNT products and inducing a core human response to the item – delicious!

Through the creative, the adverting strategy handles both core prospect objections and promotes key messages, using the foods to connect with the market/audience. It was advised that GNT use full-page display adverts to dominate the page and combine with online and editorial support for GNT to promote their more complex issues. A 12-month plan was set for guidance to ensure that deviation for reaction to our clients’ marketing environment was simple, yet structure was clear for all.

Paul Collins, Managing Director at GNT UK Limited says: ”… InsideOut have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of advertising, brand communication, proactive marketing and provision of creative ideas. Their work has been a major support to our advertising and marketing activities and they are always happy to go above and beyond any tasks allocated to them. I can confidently recommend them…

Our relationship with GNT continues to be a pleasure, always engaging us in new, exciting and often mouthwatering projects.