The dreaded ‘unsubscribe’ link

Unsubscribe keyboard

Unsubscribe. It’s the simplest way to opt-out of unwanted marketing emails – an almost foolproof way to eliminate communications that you didn’t want, or no longer want to receive. And a company has an obligation to include an unsubscribe link in every single marketing email they send to you. Fab – were all in control of our subscriptions, but as an experienced full service email marketing company, what I find really annoying is when brands make it hard to unsubscribe?! I’m finding 2 common ways in which this is made difficult.

1. Hide it

Hiding the button way down in the footer in some obscure text that doesn’t even say ‘unsubscribe’. The performance of your email campaigns will steadily decrease due to the high number of inactive contacts, not what you were quite expecting was it?

2. Make the process annoyingly difficult

Click the unsubscribe link, and then I’m taken to a further website of the business sending the email. The website then asks me to log in. My login info is forgotten – I try a few valid options, before just biting the bullet and hitting the ‘forgotten password’ button. Reset password. Login and then I’m asked ‘are you sure you want to unsubscribe?’ REALLY? After having given up 10-15 minutes of my life that I’m never going to get back to get to this point you ask me if I’m sure. By this point I’ll never re-subscribe, or consider engaging with the brand again.

Then there’s the inbox emailers out there, where you have to ‘reply with unsubscribe’ to be taken off a list – which doesn’t inspire confidence in the brand.

It really shouldn’t be hard to ask a company to stop sending you email communications, make it simple. Provide your readers with a one-click opt-out of emails option – with a confirmation. Simple and painless. Or even empower your subscribers with a preferences page that is easy to unsubscribe, yet allows them to update details and maintain simple control of your communications to them.

… and above all, make your content interesting and relevant.

That’s where MailOut comes in…

Our full service email marketing solution allows you to control and inspect every aspect of an email campaign, so you are able to see the ins-and-outs of your campaign, get to know your audience better and build that ultimate, long-lasting relationship with them – our system empowers subscribers.

What’s more, our design and broadcast email marketing solution ensures that you get the most out of your email marketing and really do generate a return on investment. We’re on hand to advise, support, design and programme your emails in one nifty affordable solution. 

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By Katie Manning