Appeal pack for Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre

After initial concepts were put to the board early this year and were refined by us over the following months, Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre (DCHC) have officially launched their new look with a fundraising appeal pack in September all sponsored by InsideOut Creative.

DCHC new branding

A positive step in re-engaging the Charity with their supporters, the appeal pack included a number of items that are designed to convey and confirm the great work that DCHC do in bringing happiness, joy and personal development to children of Derbyshire.

An appeal pack that re-engages donors…

The DCHC newsletter, broadcast on an annual basis, was the starting point for developing this regular communication into an appeal pack that would encourage a donor to dig deep in support of their cause. It made perfect sense to develop and place the much loved newsletter at the heart of the appeal pack, which would engage the donor in the cause by way of demonstrating what their previous donations had achieved. The newsletter benefitted from a review of both the content and the design of the publication, and emphasis was placed upon the need for continual support in the life-changing work that DCHC do at Skegness.

Supporter fundraising stories, events information and of course the news of the latest rebrand were injected into this publication to connect and inspire the donor base to help by way of providing donations, undertaking a fundraising event or simply to attend one.

A compelling covering letter thanked the donor for their support and outlined the need for their ongoing support into 2012 via a case study of a child, Sarah, who had recently benefitted from the service DCHC provide.

The case study was supported by Sarah’s letter. Sarah had written and thanked DCHC for the rest she had received “… to all the Staff, thank you for such a brilliant holiday it was so nice to have a break for once. I loved it there, Skegness is a beautiful place. I hope to see you soon. Lots of love Sarah. x x x” It accurately emphasised what something we all take for granted means to a little girl in Derbyshire – just ‘a break’. 

The good stuff…

To date the appeal pack has raised a significant amount of money securing holidays for disadvantaged children in 2012.

Response rate: 4.58%
ROI: 9.73

Bill Tomlinson, The Trust Chairman, said, “I have been most impressed with the creative flair and dedication of InsideOut.  Effectively they became an integral part of the DCHC team working with me to produce a cost effective design solution and brand that has been created to give a single totality within the DCHC ethos.  Thus they fulfilled their brief. Furthermore that ‘cost effectiveness’ never impinged on their time commitment or their furtherance of theme and quality. I and the entire Board are assured that we reached the right decision in handing them the brief and instruction.  Indeed they are now engaged to work with the team on the 2012 Marketing Programme.

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By Leah Marley

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