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After moving to the prestigious Vernon Gate Business Centre in 2010, we noticed that the area didn’t have any kind of brand or web presence. We approached the Vernon Gate Management Company with an idea for a website to promote the area, the businesses within it and to act as a portal for properties to let.

After a meeting with the residents both ourselves and fellow tenants, Mono Design, came together with a solution. 3 objectives were highlighted, to develop a high end brand identity for Vernon Gate, reinforcing, strengthening and reflecting its core values. Translating this brand online presenting Vernon Gate as a prestigious and admirable area for businesses to reside. And finally, to create a business ‘community’ with ‘partnership’ and ‘warmth.’

Mono Design began by creating a logo for the development, whilst we set about designing the website and providing recommendations for it’s functionality.

The website features a listing for each company within Vernon Gate. A list of services offered by companies, and a monthly business spotlight. It also features, among other things, Vernon Gates latest news, and a To Let / For Sale section listing available properties within the business area.

What we love about this project is that it highlights how neighbouring businesses, and in this case even competing businesses, can come together to form partnerships and work along side each other to generate opportunities.

Since it’s launch we have seen the initiative grow as new companies move to Vernon Gate, members learn more about how they can partner, supply or buy from one another, as well as create a high end profile for Vernon Gate ‘Derby’s Georgian Business District’ (thank you Mono, for the perfect proposition). We’ve even developed a relationship with Richard Felix who acts as an ambassador of the areas heritage.