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The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) is an emergency transfer service for critically ill children and babies. 2013 will see them launch the service and fly some of the sickest children in England and Wales to specialist centres that can provide them with the treatment they urgently need in order to have the best chance of survival and recovery.

When the Air Ambulance Service took over TCAA in December 2011 our expertise was called upon to develop a brand that would convey their vision and goals and deal with complex issues. It also needed to engage with a wide and varied audience. With the economic downturn proving to create an even more challenging environment for our third sector clients, one of the biggest and most important assets to embrace and cherish is their brand. A charities’ brand provides a linchpin to all communications and in this instance, with a not so rosy history, the development of a great one to communicate with all past, present and new donors, was imperative.

The logo was inherited, and was to be kept as the common denominator for transition purposes, this later developed into the icon it is today replicating it’s sister services (WNAA and DLRAA). Our solution for the brand furnishing was based on a very simple yet effective visual of a family holding hands. This is presented in a paper chain effect to replicate that of a child’s idea of a ‘family together’. The introduction of the brand followed in early 2012 with a cost effective overhaul of all fundraising literature, collection boxes, corporate clothing, welcome packs, adverts and more!

The Air Ambulance now had a new problem, they needed more support to ensure that they could achieve their objective of securing a new aircraft by the end of 2012. The charities’ focus turned to donor recruitment, and our job was to ensure that our recruitment campaign was clear and concise, remembering that the service was not operating as yet. Our recruitment pack featured a case study of baby Riley, a child who endured an 5-hour journey by land to reach the specialist care he needed to save his life, a journey that would have taken just 55 minutes by air – this was amplified by telling his story via a baby journal, which should have been filled with wonderful memories, but instead was a much different case.

To raise awareness of the cause, the campaign was supported in core areas; where fundraising teams were located, by above the line media. Baby changing washrooms were identified and an engaging Bluetooth campaign was run in Manchester Victoria station.

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