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Mellor & Russell are passionate about using the very latest technology, combined with their knowledge of natural ingredients to bring you the very best in skincare into the cost conscious beauty market. Retailing their products through various high profile retailers such as TESCO’s and Wilkinson’s, Mellor & Russell are growing as fast with their product range as they are with their popularity within the beauty industry.

Initially commissioned to redevelop the Mellor & Russell identity in late 2011, we realised that the identity needed to communicate with both B2B and B2C markets. From a strategic point of view we added a degree of nourishment in the form of developing a simple value proposition that would span the range of hair dyes, face creams and other consumer beauty products within their B2C market.

Satisfying customers is the source of sustainable value creation throughout their supply chain and therefore ‘we value your beauty’ was employed.

Employing our services further we designed, programmed and launched the Mellor & Russell website. We understand how essential it is to build credibility within the beauty industry and as such, the design was built on a tactical solution to gain access to a share of the beauty blogging market, the concept had an editorial feel and had a CMS integrated so that regular posts can be added creating a website where followers could be inspired with beauty tips and hints as well as purchase their favourite Mellor & Russell products directly.

In December 2012 the website went to full ecommerce status via a soft launch, our commitment to Mellor & Russell continues as we support them throughout their move into retailing online.

Visit: www.mellorandrussell.com