A serious WOW facial treatment for when you need great skin and a glowing complexion in just 10 minutes, that deserves some serious WOW marketing treatment. GLAMGLOW is a performance driven super mask and  is an absolute must for those who seek the highest quality ingredients with exceptional results – GLAMGLOW is unique and if we’re honest – we’ve all fallen in love with it too.

It’s easy to work with products you already love, and our first project although challenging, was no different. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the marketing team at Natalie Roche Limited, our first brief was to review their sales and promotional emailers, whilst delivering core value through a real understanding of the email marketing media channel. Through initial profiling of their customer with insightful analytics we quickly understood how their consumers were behaving, what viewing devices they were using and much more which then nourished our creative output, allowing us to apply responsive design principles where essential. 

In August we were called upon to aid development of the visual styling and core messaging for their new product launch BRIGHTMUD, a 3-minute instant eye treatment which is ‘The world’s first tap-on-wipe-off eye mud’. This involved development of both off and online media, from retail point of sale such as showcards and promotional postcards for salons to website graphics and pay-per-click marketing banners. 

More recently, we engaged in more seasonal promotions. We created brand furnishing to compliment the festive range GIFT SEXY. Trade adverts were created to encourage salon engagement and retail messaging devised that focusses on the perfect gift for either ‘him or her’.

We continue to work on developing the identity for GLAMGLOW in both retail and wholesale markets, developing key messaging and developing the brand within the UK market bringing fresh thinking to this ground breaking beauty find.

“Getting close to briefs and processes shows their dedication and knowledge in the beauty sector”