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In late 2009 we were approached by AWARD Shoes to design and build an online presence for their new SS10 footwear collection to be launched in February 2010. Primarily the sites aim was to target the Trade, however the website was also to potentially entice the consumer too.

Faced with a blank canvas we worked with the client to define the exact consumer profile, thus to generate a ‘brand’ to accompany the identity already supplied. Armed with this the Studio created the design and styling for AWARD Shoes. With clever use of imagery and clear use of brand accents, a set of guidelines were formed and the brand was created.

This was then applied to the proposed site architecture, one that would be easy for all to use and inclusive across both sectors of the industry, ‘trade’ and ‘retail’. Primarily the websites aim was to target the trade industry, to communicate all the necessary information to lure in stockists – The brands primary objective.

Operationally it has a full registration system with capture fields to ensure that AWARD can benefit from permission based marketing. All website hygiene was included from optimisation specifics and the industry standard analytical reports to relevant certifications.

The entire website was designed, developed and tested in 4 weeks to coincide with AWARDS presence at Pure 2010, London, for it’s initial reveal to the trade industry. We also created a variety of marketing literature to support the Launch; from product shots and look books to promotional postcards.

We continue to support this exciting new footwear brand as it enters a very cut throat market.