Brand development and ecommerce solution set to increase revenues for national charity, FPA Org.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of FPA Pleasure.

Most octogenarians might consider celebrating their birthday with a quiet meal with family and friends, but the Family Planning Association – which turned 85 this year – is celebrating in quite a different fashion: by opening a sex shop. FPA and their partner McCorquodale have partnered on a very special project, which InsideOut Creative have brought to life in

FPA Org are a sexual health charity that pride themselves on providing straightforward information, advice and support on relationships, sex and sexual health. Keen to take a giant leap in their mission to break the taboo surrounding sex and drive further towards their vision of Good Sexual health for everyone, and as they celebrate their 85th anniversary this year – it seemed the right time to take the leap of faith and move forward with FPA Pleasure.

Charity seeks new revenues streams in line with overall vision

Officially launched on the 4th of June at a party hosted by Embarrassing Bodies star Dr Dawn Harper, the online shop sells a variety of popular sex toys in a bid to break the taboo around sexual enjoyment. It also features articles and blog posts with information and advice on a range of sexual health and wellbeing topics, creating an inclusive environment for all.

Alongside the core proposition of inclusivity the website hopes to bring a new revenue stream for the charity with a proportion of the shop’s profits being ploughed back into FPA’s work around the UK. Customers will have the added benefit of knowing they are contributing to the charity’s work. Free contraception for all; sexual health services from the NHS; abortion rights – FPA have had a part to play in it all.

“We’ve achieved many great things in our long history, particularly around securing contraceptive rights, but now we want to help people shake off any feelings of embarrassment they still have about sexual pleasure.” 

Commented FPA’s chief executive, Natika Halil

Launched by Dr. Dawn Harper of Embarrassing Bodies

The website was successfully launched by Dr. Dawn Harper a GP and presenter of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. Dawn commented;

“One of the great things about FPA Pleasure is its inclusiveness. As a society we don’t talk enough about enjoying sex when you’re older, going through menopause, when you’ve just had a baby, if you have a disability, are recovering from a life-changing illness or have been raped or abused.”

… and it’s loved by the client

InsideOut Creative worked closely with us to develop the FPA Pleasure brand, making sure it complemented FPA’s existing brand while having a strong identity of its own that would be appealing to our target audience – they got it right.”

Bekki Burbidge. Digital Marketing Manager, FPA Pleasure. 

Brand development with a sensitive nature

The new brand presented a challenge for a project that could be seen as controversial. Alike all Charities, FPA has a desire to change the world and the proposition presented by FPA in introducing FPA Pleasure could have back fired. The brand and the proposition required a delicate treatment. One that would clear associate FPA Pleasure with FPA Org, but also distance itself enough to promote itself as the go-to place for sexual health, pleasure related information and products too. 

The complimentary brand furnishing provided an editorial feel to the overall brand utilising photography with an inclusive and fun nature. This was key in the development of the website design, application of a magazine style combined with the integration of products (shop) to the homepage was considered a key strategy to reaching a wide and varied audience.  

“InsideOut quickly understood the unique balance that we were looking for with our new website – for FPA Pleasure to be both a user-friendly and accessible online shop that could drive sales and donations, but also a go-to destination for information and advice on sexual pleasure and wellbeing with the look of a lifestyle magazine. Their thinking around how we could achieve this was really invaluable.” 

Bekki Burbidge. Digital Marketing Manager, FPA Pleasure. 

But it doesn’t just look great. It’s powered by a feature rich ecommerce system

It doesn’t just look good, the FPA Pleasure website has a rather sophisticated operating system, non other than one of the most well-touted and widely used ecommerce systems in the world – Magento. There’s a lot to know about Magento and its capabilities, but the best way to get the big picture is by delving into its biggest advantages, which include, but aren’t limited to; a versatile Content Management System, Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities, amazing product capability including various product types from configurable to simple, bundle and more, not to mention it can support up to 500,000 products on one site, and handle more than 80,000 orders per hour. 

FPA Pleasure has access to all of the ‘slick’ features you would expect from an ecommerce system. Cross-selling, up-selling and related products, a complete set of transaction emails keeping their clients up to date with their latest order status, plus a fully integrated payment Gateway – on this occasion using PayPal.

Magento also boasts a great set of tools that seriously enhance the user experience from product tag filters, reviews, recently compared and viewed products, and the ability to configure search with auto-suggested terms.

A wealth of opportunity for growth beyond today’s needs for FPA Pleasure

With over 240,000 businesses using Magento for their ecommerce needs and an estimated 800,000 enthusiastic developers worldwide, FPA Pleasure can be sure that their solution has a backbone of support beyond the InsideOut development team. Magento is big business and it brings a wealth of opportunity for growth beyond today’s needs for FPA Pleasure.

“Put simply, we don’t waste our clients revenue reinventing a wheel, we use a robust platform with a incredibly powerful development team supporting it, it’s scalable, reliable and we’ve yet to have a client out grow it”

At InsideOut we custom programme for Magento when there is a genuine need, we utilise core software and enhance it with software extensions to bring clients like FPA Pleasure amazing websites that perfectly suit their business needs and often their pockets too. Largely this means that we can focus on developing a great device responsive user experience for their prospects whilst relying on the seamless back-end functionality of Magento to deliver precisely what FPA Pleasure needs.

Delivering editorial content through WordPress

A key usp for FPA Pleasure is the editorial approach to developing an inclusive environment for education and knowledge sharing around sexual enjoyment. FPA required an ‘easy to use’ content management system and blogging platform that would provide simple, yet effective SEO results. None other than the iconic WordPress system was introduced to allow FPA Pleasure to post their ‘pillow talk’, the most up-to-date advice and opinion pieces from FPA Pleasure.

Delicate balance for a pleasureable project

“Charities more than any other business need to use funding sensibly, and the potential controversy over a project like this, dealt the team a brief that needed a robust strategy combined with a delicate creative execution and I think the team handled this perfectly.”

Leah Marley, Marketing Director

At InsideOut Creative we are passionate about design and web development, which are the main ingredients in this pleasurable project! Head over to to see for yourself.

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