No nonsense guide to Marketing Planning

No nonsense guide to Marketing Planning

One of the things we always get asked for is advice on how to write a great marketing plan, with one of the most common problems being ‘where to start’. There’s an abundance of advice online, so much so that we think that sometimes that alone causes confusion. With ’12 things every marketing plan should consider’ to ’5 steps to marketing planning’, but what we think people want is something that provides structure and clarity, not just ‘advice’. 

User-friendly guide to Marketing Planning

So in our usual ‘no nonsense’ approach we’ve developed our own user-friendly guide to marketing planning, one that is simple, easy to use and asks questions in plain English - you can download it here. Our template offers guidance throughout the process of creating a solid, well-structured plan tailored to your business or start-up idea… all you have to do, is fill in the gaps.

What do you think?

Let us know how you find the whole experience – because if it’s not working for you, we want to make sure that we can improve it for others.

By Leah Marley

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