Bespoke responsive email campaign design for Xen-Tan, the Premium Sunless Tanning brand

Email Marketing Services Employed: Bespoke Responsive Email Design including: Initial Email Campaign Analysis, Content Strategy and Responsive Email Design and Development.

Responsive Email Design by InsideOut Creative

Xen-Tan, a premium sunless tanning brand came to us in early 2013 with a need to develop their current email marketing plan, which was becoming tired and undervalued by its subscribers’. After the recent decision to move to SwiftPage, Xen-Tan already possessed an in-house emailing marketing broadcast tool; so email marketing plan to hand, Xen-Tan were eager to re-engage their audience, develop their reach, and build a loyal and sustainable relationship between their subscribers’ and their brand.

InsideOut were commissioned to ‘bring to life’ their strategy by delivering a matrix of beautiful and most importantly, engaging email marketing templates for use in-house.

Understanding Xen-Tan’s email audience

Understanding your database is absolutely essential in delivering a successful email marketing strategy. Although Xen-Tan had been delivering emails to their customers’ and prospects’ with effective open rates, the engagement thereafter was declining. To ensure that the templates delivered true value it was essential to learn more about how Xen-Tan’s subscribers’ were interacting in detail.

Although engaged to deliver bespoke email marketing templates, it is this thorough research and insight that brings the electronic direct mail strategy to life. Analysis of previous campaign statistics, cross analysis with website analytics and an essential understanding of the target audience such as their likely opening environment, buying behaviour and email content needs allowed for a clear profile to be created. This process maximises the effectiveness of the media by nourishing the creative output and informing the technical specification to deliver those higher conversion rates and engage a subscriber base.

A bit of a problem… email marketing promotions that were devaluing the brand

Xen-Tan’s promotional approach was generating strong sales results however, this method had trained the customer to ‘wait’ for a promotional offer to come their way before they made a purchase. The promotional prices were becoming ‘too regular’ and integrated into the standard retail price. Consumers’ would therefore perceive the normal, non-promoted price as high – as a result this premium sunless tanning brand was becoming devalued.

Adding brand value to the email content was essential. And although offers and promotions would still be an important part of the promotional mix, it wasn’t to be relied upon to generate sales.

Delivering brand value through structured content

Creating meaningful differentiation to sustain a customer’s preference for Xen-Tan in a saturated market was to be our biggest challenge, education and communication of core benefits was key to adding value to this premium brand, its distinctive olive glow and absolute reliability of a perfect finish were core factors.

Considerations were given to each email requirement, aligning the need to reeducate the audience in the value of Xen-Tan and to reaffirm its place as a premium sunless tanning brand. A mixture of techniques were employed from, how to, celebrity endorsements and quotes to cross selling of complimentary products to further enhance the education of the range and to drive additional sales.

Further consideration was given to Xen-Tan’s mailing tool, what was it capable of? A greater understanding of this allowed us to ‘make the most’ of the delivery platform including core and beneficial functionality into the design brief.

With a matrix of requirements identified, a portfolio of emailer templates could be designed including: promotional, newsletter and customer sales and retention emails – all to brand standards and programmed to suit the audiences viewing needs.

Adaptive and responsive email marketing solution

Thorough investigation of Xen-Tan’s analytics had identified that a large number of the database were viewing email communications on their mobile devices. Specifications were considered for each of the 11 emails developed in order to create a matrix of emails that are fit-for-purpose. Xen-Tan employed a mixture of adaptive and responsive email marketing templates covering a variety of viewing styles from desktop, tablet or smartphone users – optimising the user experience regardless of where and when the recipient decides to open the email.

The below screenshot illustrates what a responsive email campaign would look like when viewing on an iPhone.

Responsive Email Design for Xen-Tan

Xen-Tan emailer examples:

Using our clients preferred email marketing broadcast tool

From the very outset Xen-Tan had a preferred email marketing delivery tool, a customer relationship management solution that covers a variety of customer focused driven solutions. There are hundreds out there to choose from, many of which InsideOut are accustomed to programming for. 

After vigorous testing within MailOut, it was imperative to ensure that the templates were compatible with Xen-Tan’s preferred delivery tool too. Working with our client we successfully tested and installed numerous templates and their sundries, guaranteeing they were 100% fit-for-purpose and ready to go. Additional advice with set-up and most importantly the development and inner workings of each template was provided as standard, so Xen-Tan could update their email marketing templates in-house with ease.

Providing the very best ongoing support

As Xen-Tan have a preferred email marketing delivery tool, our ongoing support entails, advice and support with ongoing mailing outputs from template testing to simply ‘picking our brains’ on subscriber behaviour, content effectiveness and more.

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