Email Marketing Solution for Beauty brand Airbase Make-Up

Email Marketing Services Employed: Full Service Email Marketing including: Email Campaign Analysis, Responsive Email Design and Development, Content Strategy and Campaign Management.

Email Marketing Campaign Designs for Airbase Make-Up

Airbase Make-Up understand that email remains an extremely credible and profitable marketing channel, with an incredibly cost effective reach to boot. Operating in the beauty and cosmetics industry means that it is ever more important to keep up with email marketing practices in delivering a robust strategy, delivering a profitable and mutually beneficial relationship between their subscribers’ and their brand.

Airbase Make-Up engage InsideOut to undertake a full service email marketing solution from planning data acquisition, to analysing behaviour, designing and planning content to monitoring outcomes.

Data design. Subscriber acquisition, segmentation and management

At the heart of every email strategy, should be a clear data design. From planning data acquisition through to the architecture of your subscriber lists and most importantly the segmentation of potential broadcast lists through identification of opportunities.

Recognising key areas such as ‘customers’ and ‘prospects’ are of course apparent, but insight into further opportunities and planning for them at this stage is vital to a flourishing strategy – one that allows for growth. For Airbase Make-Up various plans were made to allow for personalisation to each subscriber – where possible, allowing our client to truly captivate and engage their audience through intelligent data usage.

Consideration was given to data acquisition and a clear strategy was designed for Airbase, alongside making the most of current marketing initiatives and communication channels such as social media and trade show events – ensuring database growth.

Understanding the email audience

Understanding your database is key to delivering successful email marketing solutions. From the very outset, Airbase Make-Up had been delivering emails to their customers’ and prospects’ with effective open rates, primarily due to the organic growth of the database currently in use. To develop this, it was crucial to learn more about how Airbase Make-Up subscribers’ were interacting in detail, from devices used to view the emails to understanding how that ‘email click’ performs once a subscriber is on the website.

Thorough analysis of previous campaign statistics, cross analysis with website analytics and an essential understanding of the target audience such as their likely opening environment, buying behaviour and email content needs, allowed for a clear profile to be created that would maximise the effectiveness of the media with confidence. This process ensures that the correct email specification and complimentary tools were put in place to deliver those higher conversion rates.

Analysis and comparison of campaigns

It was identified that almost half of the ‘customer’ segment of the database were viewing email communications on mobile devices (as shown on the pie chart below), and so was recognised a clear need to develop the current static design to a responsive format. Through further analysis we identified that the ‘prospects’ segment of the database were viewing email communications on a varied number of desktop email clients as appose to mobile devices. Although the subscriber database was already achieving an impressive open rate, it was crucial to further enhance the relationship via optimisation of the media covering a variety of viewing styles from desktop, tablet or smartphone users – this means that the user experience is optimised regardless of where and when the recipient decides to open the email and for Airbase Make-Up, and their customers this could only be a good thing.

Analysis and comparison of email campaigns

Continual delivery of a successful strategy requires ongoing anaylsis of campaigns statistics, subscriber behaviour and content effectiveness, and it’s these ongoing services that underpin and support Airbase Make-up with their email marketing strategy.

Content design and development

We help our clients make the most of their email marketing. Creation of a cohesive email campaign that will deliver value across numerous areas of their sales and marketing activity is essential.

With a clear understanding of the subscribers and their behaviour, an unmistakable email specification to hand and objectives clearly prescribed – the planning of core content was the final key to generating an engaging, well-designed format that would ensure retention of the subscriber database.

Considerations were given to each segment aligning audience needs with content provided, whilst also ensuring that the campaigns drove added value across the entire marketing initiative creating a complimentary email strategy to Airbase Make-Up’s current marketing. With a matrix of requirements identified a portfolio of emailer templates could be designed including; promotional, newsletter and a variety of auto responders – all to brand standards and programmed to suit the audiences viewing needs.

Airbase emailer examples:

Sampling email campaigns

Having the ability to sample campaigns before broadcasting to an entire list or data set provides clients with confidence in their messaging.

For Airbase Make-Up we offer our client a simple way to get the most opens and clicks from their campaigns through A/B testing. It’s a great way to learn more about how your subscriber list is feeling about the content provided, from the subject line, the ‘from’ name and email address to the actual email content itself.

We test promotional offerings; for example ‘Free Delivery’ versus a ‘10% Off’. A small segment will receive each of these offers with the most popular being broadcast to the remainder of the database, providing Airbase Make-Up with valuable insight that effectively optimises offers and promotions – enhancing the return on investment.

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