Create deeper, more profitable relationships with MailOut, our comprehensive Email Marketing Service.

By combining seriously sophisticated eDM technology and intelligent data analysis with years of commercially-focused email design and build experience, we can help you develop and deploy an email marketing strategy that really does the business – get in touch today to find out more.

Full Service Email Marketing

Create highly targeted email marketing campaigns

Generic email broadcasts no longer cut the mustard. With MailOut, we can help you segment your data and plan email campaigns that start the kind of highly personalised, one-to-one conversations that lead to sales.

Responsive email design

Smartphone, tablet, desktop, all of the above…? By analysing which devices your most profitable customers are using, we can help you decide whether your email marketing solution needs to be responsively designed or not.

More engaging, more clickable email campaigns

We pour years of commercially-focused creative experience into every email campaign, creating irresistibly clickable, content-rich emails. From crafting compelling subject lines and preview text to knowing exactly where to place call to action buttons – when it comes to hardworking email design, we know our stuff. And it goes without saying that everything we do, from the way we design, build and rigorously test emails to the whitelisted IP we use to broadcast them, is designed with avoiding spam filters in mind.

Your powerful full service email marketing partner

MailOut gets really interesting when it comes to the insights it generates. The software provides you with a real time analytic window and set of reports on each and every campaign you run – no matter how small. 

Feed your future email campaign strategy

We can supply these reports as raw data, but if, like most of our clients, you haven’t got time to wade through piles of paper, we’ll convert your campaign insights into meaningful objectives to drive your future email campaign strategy. Each email campaign – and the insights generated from it – can be integrated into your sales matrix to provide your sales team with a supportive, identified prospect structure.

Get in touch

From day one, your email marketing is more profitable – and as campaigns optimise and your relationships with your customers’ strengthens, the only way is up. Complete our enquiry form
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Features of MailOut

Google Analytics

Automatic Google Analytics link tagging to easily track your sales and conversions.

Measure Link Clicks

Find out what subscribers are most interested in by seeing which links were most popular and who clicked them.

Personalise your content

Store any information you like on subscribers and easily insert the data into custom fields for powerfully personalised communications.

Segment your data

Send targeted campaigns to groups of subscribers based on your own criteria – and you can have as many lists as you like!

Compare campaigns

Spot trends by comparing opens, clicks and more, for multiple campaigns at once.

View subscriber history

See your complete history with every subscriber in a handy timeline.

First class delivery scheme

Authentication, relationships with ISPs, excellent design and programming knowledge and more importantly, ensure your emails are delivered. MailOut also provides an insight into which mail clients are the most popular with your subscribers.

See who's feeling social

Track viral activity by seeing exactly which subscribers forward on to a friend or share on Twitter or Facebook.

Monitor bounces and unsubscribers

We maintain your brand’s integrity by making sure you don’t accidentally try and send to an unsubscribed person again. We can help you analyse bounce rates to figure out if we should try again or remove the data. Above all, we make your subscribers feel in control through a bespoke preference panel.

This valuable data is yours to keep

You can export all reporting data to Excel for offline storage (or further analysis for data geeks!).