Charity rebrand – when good work, becomes great

This September the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre (DCHC) unveiled its new persona after their charity rebrand with a launch of a supporter campaign thanking their lifetime donors and supporters who have helped the Charity… all facilitated by yours truly, InsideOut Creative!

DCHC new branding

Established in 1891, Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre (DCHC) in Skegness provides over 450 disadvantaged Derbyshire children with holidays each year. Giving children an inclusive caring experience with an emphasis on their well being within a ‘holiday family atmosphere’ embracing the development of social skills and self-esteem as an additional education experience. It was back in January this year when we were recommended to DCHC as a local agency with an eye for Third Sector marketing and creative work.

Heart to heart over charity rebrand

After a couple of initial meetings, cups of tea, biscuits, heart to hearts and of course research it was recognising that their current brand was a little tired, and no longer communicated in line with the new way of thinking – The branding challenge presented by DCHC excited the team so much a decision was made to sponsor the rebranding of the charity.

Initial concepts were put to the board early this year and were refined by InsideOut in the weeks to follow. A test pamphlet was successfully distributed in March. After an encouraging response the research provided enough confidence for the Charity to commit to its new positive look.

The new identity has four children of various ages represented by vibrant coloured silhouettes, some active, whilst others more reserved conveying the mixture of characters and ages provided for at the Centre.

Although the former identity has been much loved and recognised throughout both Derby and it’s Shires, it was identified quite early on that the new brand needed to communicate the happiness and excitement at the Centre.  There was a real need to educate Derbyshire about the joy the Centre brings.

The new brand is already making positive steps in engaging the Charity with their supporters via a recent direct mail appeal which was launched in September reaching out to their loyal donors, supporters and fundraisers thanking them for their hard work and support over the last year and has to date raised a significant amount of money securing holidays for disadvantaged children in 2012. 

We are sure the new brand will continue to be a strong factor in evolving the Charity commercially, assist them with engaging new donors and retain the support of their loyal donor base, inadvertently allowing them to continue the vital work they do in Derby.

When good work becomes great

We’re proud to have been a part of this bold move by DCHC and are sitting with our mugs of coco feel great about the greater good we’ve assisted in delivering in our community… thanks DCHC for letting us be a part of it!

Bill Tomlinson, The Trust Chairman, said, “Seeking to better reflect the quality of the holidays it provides and to present the charity as a Centre of excellence the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre in early 2011 requested PR & Design company InsideOut Creative to present rebranding proposals to the Board of Trustees. InsideOut were briefed to develop a rebranded image for the Centre with a new logo incorporated within a total rebrand and marketing strategy. Reporting to the Chairman of the Trust that directive was developed through 2011 with the subsequent launch taking place on the 12th September 2011 with a press release and mailed distribution to all friends, partners and donors. The launch was a success on all fronts and I can’t thank InsideOut enough for their support, hard work and dedication to our Charity.”

Footnote: DCHC owes its continued success to gaining an excellent reputation for delivering a vital and life-changing service to those children it serves. With over a 120 year pedigree the Charity works with local authorities and schools driving to ‘Bring happy personal development to children enjoying DCHC holidays’; the rebrand is the start of this work – learn more about DCHC.

Learn more about our work with DCHC.


By Leah Marley

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